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First of all: cannon.

Second of all: I’m heartbroken.

Third: No matter how much I didn’t want it to end like this (every time I read the story I hate/love the ending - and this is one of my favorite stories), I appreciate that the writers chose to stick with the literary and mythological interpretation.

It would have been forced and unsatisfying any other way, and they did a beautiful job reworking an old story. 

Watching the characters make the mistakes that lead to their destruction is an integral part of this myth, and it is heartbreaking and frustrating but it embodies the struggles of something worth fighting for, the humanity, love and hope that drives us to do terrible, or just stupid, things, when we are aiming for good.

This is up there in my favorite interpretations of the myth because it plays all of the tragedy alongside humor, balancing the fear and strife of the characters against the friendships that envelop and hold them up no matter how dark the day.

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